• Scallabouche Theatre Company


After last months hugely successful revival there is another chance to see the Story Room. Scallabouche’s most successful and alternative long form impro show called Story Room is back for a one off performance. 3 actors, 75 minutes and all they have are just the words and objects given to them by the audience at the beginning.


Since Scallabouche was founded in 2000 improvisation has been a core theme of the companies work. And true to the rules of impro the journey of our company has never been planned and nearly always about the moment. After every new production, and there have been more than 15, there was always a new idea of what to explore for the next step of the story. Over time and with the help of looking back from our current position, clear traits have become evident.... 

Alexis Latham


Have you ever wondered what a story is good for? Telling lies? Creating Myths? Reinventing ourselves? Maybe just a desperate attempt to create a fiction for ourselves so that we can be placed by others. Step inside the Story Room and embark on a journey with Scallabouche...

29. October 20.00 Scallabouche Room (Jurányi Inkubátorház)